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Industrial Chemical Dealer in Chennai – Online

ABTRI Chemicals – A Wholesale Chemical Dealer in Chennai selling Industrial chemicals for the various formulations and treatment process. Abtri Chemicals is operating through its online portal ABTRI Chemical Online shopping sites is first of its kind selling through online portal in India. ABTRI Chemical is selling its bulk chemicals through online shopping site link . ABTRI Chemicals is changes its products prices according to the market rate. ABTRI Chemicals sells chemicals at their best Quality and quantity. ABTRI Chemicals deals with major chemical manufacturer products. Customer can buy directly from their home at single shopping site with lowest price guaranteed.

ABTRI Chemicals offers different purposes of industrial chemicals through from its shopping site. Major industries such as textile, water treatment, food, cooling tower, civil, manufacturing type chemicals are available to the customer at direct sale through the online shop. ABTRI Chemicals sells a wide range of chemicals includes acids, sulfates, nitrates, chlorides, chlorites. In addition, ABTRI Chemicals also deals salts, caustic soda, detergents, biocides, alcohols, pharma intermediates, bio-cultures, solvents, agarbatti raw materials, fragrances, essential oils, etc.

ABTRI Chemicals – online shopping site is fully secured site with 256 SSL encryption for the personal data and other information are safe. Any one can buy the industrial products at bulk in number with high chance of cheaper price. ABTRI Chemicals always put their price with market lower price with lesser margin because ABTRI Chemicals can handle more number of order. ABTRI Chemicals always prefer their customer can get GST ready invoice for their product purchase . ABTRI Chemicals usually delivers the purchased goods within 1-3 working days after purchase. ABTRI Chemicals is having good rapport with reputed transport companies for prompt service as well as cost effective.

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